FOPA Community Alert

Look out! A scammer is about!

Last Friday, September 1st, we were invaded by a cheerful, resourceful but rather stupid gang of scammers, apparently determined to clean us out of any valuables in sight. So look out for them.They appeared in a silver BMW, greeted me with cheerful familiarity declaring they came to repair a leak – later seamlessly changing the story to tracing a source of bad smells under contract to Southern Water. (Next time they may switch to a different story to suit the circumstances).

Artists Open Houses – May 2017

Over four weekends in May, artists open their doors to offer work from over 1,200 artists, exhibiting in more than 180 venues across the city of Brighton, Hove and beyond. This year FOPA is pleased to announce we have 3 open houses in the Square & Crescent on the brunswick trail (