Look out! A scammer is about!

Last Friday, September 1st, we were invaded by a cheerful, resourceful but rather stupid gang of scammers, apparently determined to clean us out of any valuables in sight. So look out for them.They appeared in a silver BMW, greeted me with cheerful familiarity declaring they came to repair a leak – later seamlessly changing the story to tracing a source of bad smells under contract to Southern Water. (Next time they may switch to a different story to suit the circumstances).

Rough sleepers

Hove Police have contacted FOPA to inform members & where possible all residents. Apparently there is a new problem with rough sleepers getting into the buildings in order to find somewhere to sleep. To do this they are often using the ‘Trade button’ on the intercom as they have discovered that in many cases it is on a 24 hour availability.

Keep your home secure this summer

There is always a rise in burglaries during the summer because of unsecured windows and doors. On warm days and nights we all love to leave our windows open but this is an invitation to some. Don’t make it easy for burglars, check these essential home security tips and take the time to be aware of any weak points in your home security.

Burglaries on the increase in our area

The Police have advised us of a significant increase in burglaries and attempted break-ins in this area. It is essential that street doors are kept shut, that unknown callers are not admitted to buildings without verification, and that flats on the ground and basement levels do not leave windows open. There is also an increased risk where scaffolding is in place, which gives an access route to adjoining first floor balconies. All residents are asked to take careful note of this.