The Idea : We are all capable of picking up 1 Piece of Rubbish per day. For cleaner streets and cities and hopefully a cleaner area… Over to you !

Composting closure

Following lengthy consultations about endemic problems at our composting facility it was, in the end, closed.

Key problems were lack of volunteer support, unsuitability of the appliances provided and vermin infestation.

Compost News Issue 27

It’s about a month since the last Issue, No 26 – alas, it’s still cold outside daffodils seem unhappy.

Tubs 1 and 2 are full, 3 is well on its way – soon we’ll have to take some action.

Compost News Issue 26

This brings you up to date in case you haven’t been since Christmas.

Bins 1 and 2 are getting full, so soon we’ll start filling No 3.

Bin 1 now sustains a happy population of fruit flies, in spite of the cold spell – so something good is happening inside.

Compost News Issue 25

Hello, everyone! It’s Christmas, and we are back in business, as you may have seen on our website.

If you did look, you will know that things are different:

  • our lovely but troublesome old boxes are gone;
  • the steps have been given a cover of stone chippings;
  • there is a paved promenade to save your shoes; and
  • four new space-age bins called Green Johannas, ready to take off, straight into orbit.