FOPA Heritage Archives

Our collection of historical material related to our area continues to grow. This comprises of general information about the history of the development from 1830, and detailed information related to each house in the form of residents recorded in the annual street directories and the ten-­yearly Census from 1841.

Pier planned for Adelaide Crescent

Did you know that 150 years ago a pier was planned to be sited opposite Adelaide Crescent? An article in the Sussex Advertiser for 12th April 1864 stated: “A company has been formed for the purpose of constructing a pier at the west end of the town. It is proposed that it should be erected immediately opposite that beautiful row of buildings known as Adelaide Crescent. It will be much longer than the chain pier, and the roadway will be even wider than that of the projected pier in front of Regency Square.

Tours of 33 Palmeira Mansions

Take a glimpse back at Victorian life in a house tour which reveals the opulence, taste and lifestyle of a nouveau riche gentleman. This terraced house, with its impressive Grade 2* Listed interior, has miraculously survived and is now part of the English Language Centre, who offer guided tours on a monthly basis. For anybody interested in local history this is not to be missed.

Update on Adelaide retaining wall

FOPA has been looking into the possibilities for renovation of the Adelaide garden south retaining wall, which is poor condition and deteriorating with every year that passes. The wall is part of Decimus Burton’s original 1830 scheme for the Crescent, is a Listed structure in the care of the Council and currently on the local ‘At Risk’ register. Unfortunately, it transpires that the wall is Listed only Grade 2, whereas all of the Crescent and ramps are Grade 2*.

Heritage Assets Review under way

The City Council are undertaking a review of Heritage assets and inviting nominations for addition to the Local List. Such nominations are subject to a number of conditions, depending on the area. Acceptance onto the Local List is not the same as Listing by English Heritage but does bring acknowledgment of special local interest and significance.

South retaining wall A new initiative

We have been concerned for some time about the deteriorating condition of the retaining wall at the south end of the Adelaide Crescent garden. This was constructed as part of the original 1830 Queen Adelaide Crescent scheme designed by Decimus Burton, and is a Grade2* Listed Structure in the care of the Council. It includes rare ‘vermiculated’ work in the stucco rendering and other decorative features, all of which are now in poor condition and in danger of being lost.

150 years of residents recorded

Our database of the residents of our area from the earliest available records in 1833 has reached 1914, covering Adelaide Crescent, Palmeira Square and Palmeira Mansions. These are taken from surviving street directories at the Family History Centre and the ten-yearly Censuses which started in 1841. Many famous and interesting people have lived in our area over 150 years. if you are interested in who lived in your house contact us at and we can send you the relevant extract from the database.