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Cornerstone Food Hub & more: local food initiatives

ITV Meridien News recently reported on the real and growing local problem for people who need support to feed themselves and their families.

“Food banks across the Meridian region say they’re being overwhelmed as a huge increase in people who have jobs are now having to use their services. Among those most affected are the self-employed who are struggling to pay bills during the pandemic and are now facing significant financial problems. As more food banks open and donations increase, organisers fear the full economic impact of this crisis is still to come.”

https://www.itv.com/news/meridian/2021-02-19/pandemic-sees-rise-of-self-employed-in-sussex-using-food-banks for the full TV news report.

It’s a real issue, and likely happening more in this area than we’d all wish. So how can we all help?

Our local foodbank: Cornerstone Food Hub

Cornerstone Food Hub is our local open-to-all food bank 2pm-4pm on Saturdays throughout February and March. No referrals are required.

Cornerstone has been awarded a substantial grant by BHCC to open a pop-up food hub through February and March, to provide food and toiletries to families who are experiencing difficulties during this third lockdown period.

If you’re able, please support this local initiative:

  • To donate food or essential items, please drop them in to the centre on Fridays between 9am and 7pm.
  • To donate money to support the Cornerstone Food Hub
    details are here:

Food waste action week 1-7 March

1-7 March is the very first national Food Waste Action Week and aims to help us all understand how to reduce food waste at home and in business.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership are the local organisers for Food Waste Action Week

  • They’ll be setting daily challenges to reduce our food waste. Signup & more information here:
  • On social channels @btnkitchen their chef Charlotte will be posting cookery videos and tips and tricks to reduce food waste in our homes.