Want to get involved in the streetscape team, simply email with your contact information and someone on the team will contact you shortly.

Thousands in the city to be vaccinated against the flu virus this winter.
Have you spent more time on the Sussex Downs since lockdown? The National Trust would like to hear from you!
FOPA aims to monitor Planning and Listed Building Applications affecting our area, and will consider commenting on any that are
FOPA is not a fundraising organisation but does have modest funds which it spends periodically to enhance the money spent
In our community we have police community support officers (PCSO) Amy Green & Jessica Lee assigned. For all other reports of disturbances
FOPA has had requests from members that would like to offer services to help neighbours in isolation. FOPA will then
Every Thursday evening at 8pm we’ll be standing up and applauding all those who care for us and are ensuring
The weekend (April 24 – 27) The Living Coast is participating in the global City Nature Challenge for this first
A burglary occurred at the local corner store Seagulls on the 18/04/2020, breaking the glass and clearing out the tobacco
The Palmeira & Adelaide Garden Fund have cancelled the first event for 2020 - the Easter egg hunt due to