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The Friends of Palmeira and Adelaide’ (FOPA) is a residents association for Palmeira and Adelaide area and membership is open to all who reside in the area.

FOPA’s vision is ‘to help conserve the special character of this area whilst enhancing the quality of life of those who live here.’

Our residents’ association has a special responsibility for future generations who will live here and enjoy the Palmeira and Adelaide area in central Hove. This is one of the South coast’s premier heritage sites comprising an architectural set-piece of Grade 2 and 2* early and mid 19th Century Listed Buildings. Located between the landmark Floral Clock and Hove seafront lawns, the elegant square and crescent sweep around two gardens within the Brunswick Town Conservation Area.

The aims of the association are to act for the residents in preserving and improving the buildings, gardens and general amenity of the area. We also arrange social activities such as a Christmas party, Summer party and Coffee mornings.

The association actively liaises with other local organisations.

  • The Council – Planning and Conservation
  • The Council – CityParks
  • The Council – CityClean
  • The Police – Law and order issues
  • Local Councillors

FOPA’s Constitution

FOPA’s Constitution

Meet our team

Our residents association is run by volunteer officers.

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George Dean


Annie Mendelow


David Ryan

Website and Media

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FOPA’s AGM Annual Reports & Minutes

TitleDate Added
2024 – 20th April 26th/27th AGM Minutes24/04/2024
2024 – 20th April 26th AGM Agenda, Previous Annual Report and Accounts28/03/2024
2022 – 1st March 25th AGM Minutes, Annual Report and Accounts03/01/2023
2021- 1st September 24th AGM Minutes, Annual Report and Accounts09/01/2021
2020 – 11th January 23rd AGM Minutes, Annual Report and Accounts11/01/2020
2019 – 12th January 22nd AGM Minutes, Annual Report and Accounts12/01/2019
2018 – 13th January AGM Minutes, Annual Report and Accounts13/01/2018
2017 – 14th January AGM Minutes14/01/2017
2017 – 14th January AGM Annual Report and Accounts14/01/2017
2016 – 9th January AGM Minutes09/02/2016
2016 – 9th January AGM Annual Report and Accounts09/02/2016
2015 – 10th January AGM Minutes10/02/2015
2015 – 10th January AGM Annual Report and Accounts10/02/2015
2014 – 11th January AGM Annual Report and Accounts09/02/2014
2014 – 11th January AGM Minutes09/02/2014
2013 – 12th January AGM Minutes20/02/2013
2013 – 12th January AGM Annual Report and Accounts19/02/2013