BH Green Space Forum – Brunswick Town in Bloom 2021

Friends of Palmeira and Adelaide – Its Your Neighbourhood Award 2021

This year Friends of Palmeira & Adelaide (FOPA) have been awarded a ‘Level 4 – Thriving’ assessment, the same as last year.

Many thanks to all the volunteers and helpers this last year making it a great result!

FOPA’s aim is to improve on our success in 2022, by working in conjunction with the Palmeira and Adelaide Gardens (PAG) team.

BH Green Space Forum
This a volunteer organisation set up in the summer of 2017 by various bodies including B&H City Council, to facilitate communication between member groups working in B&H parks and green spaces.

Their website www:// provides full contact details of member groups, access to resources and details of news and events.

Volunteers meet up every Friday morning from various locations and are supervised by the Ranger for the area. They are available for specific projects rather than minor maintenance.

FOPA are members of Brunswick Town in Bloom.

An example of FOPA involvement was when we approached the Council gardeners on how best to protect newly planted lavender plants around the bird bath in Palmeira Gardens.

In response, City Park Ranger volunteers came from Stanmer Park with locally sourced material and hand-made the fence onsite, that you now seen around the bird bath.

Thanks to Trish Thompson (FOPA committee member for Gardens) who has worked very hard co-ordinating with BH Green Spaces for a number of years.