FOPA Proposed Communal Bins Survey Results

The Friends of Palmeira & Adelaide received 70 responses, approx 30% of our Members, to the survey regarding the proposed communal bins and the following are the results. This gives us all an idea of how the residents feel about this issue.

There were also many comments, and the views differ considerably on the way forward. However, it seems the Council are determined to end their basement collections and we hope to minimise the number of bins in the Square & Crescent.

Responses to our questions to understand Residents’ views on Council proposals for ‘Refuse and Recycling’ were as follows:

1. Do you agree with communal refuse bins in the Square and Crescent? Y/N
Yes 43% No 57%

2. FOPA proposes only refuse bins at the bottom of Palmeira Square Gardens, do you agree. Y/N
Yes 68% No 32%

3. Recycling box collections could carry on as it is now, do you agree? Y/N
Yes 74% No 26%

4. The other option is recycling bins, including glass, around the Square & Crescent. Do you agree to that? Y/N
Yes 22% No 78%

5. As this is a Heritage area, would you prefer that it all stays as it is now? Y/N
Yes 57% No 43%

Our two Councillors Ollie Sykes and Phelim MaCafferty have asked for a delay in the resolution regarding these Communal Bins until the Council Meeting on 29 November, in order to give people more time to give their views. The meeting is to be at Hove Town Hall. Questions will have to be sent in by mid-day on 22 November. People asking questions will need to attend to put them on the day.