It’s all a load of rubbish!

We all want cleaner streets but the council seem to be disregarding residents’ views by sending out a very basic questionnaire that doesn’t include previous consultations, advice and detailed suggestions from residents. There is a meeting on Monday 15 from 4pm – 8pm at the Cornerstone to discuss this. All welcome and we must ACT NOW to preserve our unique heritage and conservation area for future generations.

If communal bins are required, residents should have full say about where, how many, and what type of refuse and recycling they are for.

We believe:

Any consultation about Refuse and Recycling Collection must include the recommendations made previously by FOPA members and residents:

  • One Communal refuse bin at either seafront end of the crescent on the road outside the walls – not outside ANY residents homes in full view
  • Four Communal refuse and recycling bins in the middle section between the square and crescent – not 18 bins as in the plans
  • Two existing Communal refuse bins kept at the top of the square on Western Road, but properly maintained and emptied more regularly 
  •  Alternative of cream bins to be considered if agreed as more sympathetic to the character of the area
  • No glass recycling as noisy and extremely dangerous around gardens and residential areas where children and dogs play
  • Great accountability for the collection, maintenance, repair and enforcement
  • Review with residents of the new collection system over regular periods eg. 3 months

The consultation form is on this link: 

Please think carefully when you fill in this form about how this affects ALL living here and whilst cellar collection may be phased out, we would like FULL consultation before we have council and Cityparks forcing through badly thought-out proposals in the summer holidays and to their agenda.