Police Local Action Team Meeting

The Brunswick and Adelaide Police Local Action Team meet every six weeks. This is an excellent regular forum for residents to meet their PCSOs and directly discuss policies and actions related to local policing. Our Ward Councillor Ollie Sykes attended the Meeting on 19th December. This is the report he sent us:

Dear All

Just come from a special B&A LAT meeting at which the sole focus was the recent increase in burglaries in the city. Julie and Sarah, our PCSOs, presented a map showing burglaries in B&A since the last LAT on 30th October and these totalled 19 just in B&A – higher than usual. Because of this, the previously agreed B&A LAT priorities have been put on hold while this is addressed. Additional police activity includes undercover work and this has resulted in four people in custody.

Julie and Sarah told us that most of the burglaries were opportunistic with entry points for example:

  • basement window insecure
  • coded front door left on latch
  • insecure front door
  • kitchen window left open
  • insecure window left open – ladder from garden
  • entered property through insecure garage
  • laptops stolen froma  table through an unlocked window

Other entry points are through top floor flats via scaffolding, people being buzzed in through communal doors without checking.

Internal flat doors are often weak and not double locked. Items of value clearly visible from outside will attract attention.

Further to this please advise your members to take precautions based on the above and especially to check front doors are shut and to check who they are buzzing in.

Thanks and please have a safe and secure Christmas.

Ollie Sykes

Green Party Councillor, Brunswick and Adelaide Ward

Deputy Chair, Environment and Sustainability Committee

01273 291413