FOPA Community Alert

Noise and disturbances – phone 101 immediately

The ongoing disturbances over the summer from youths in the gardens seems to be taken seriously after several complaints and discussions from FOPA representatives at our Brunswick & Adelaide LAT (local action team) meetings. Our local councillor Ollie Sykes emailed the following report 18 July 2014:

We had a meeting with the police last Monday about the above. Apologies for delay in feeding back. I understand from emails that there was some disturbance at the beginning of this week but not to the extent previously seen. 

Key points emerging:

1. In response to recent reported concerns, our Hove Police Inspector requested an enhanced presence for Palmeira and Adelaide. I’ve seen the vehicles do the rounds and have spoken with officers on board. Police vans circulate early and late evening and stop to speak with any large groups. This enhanced presence will only continue for as long as problems are reported, as this clearly diverts resources from elsewhere.

2. Police have also done house to house enquiries to ask about this nuisance. The report back from this was that some residents were not aware of the issue and a number of other were aware and did not feel there was a significant problem.

3. The number of reports about this to 101 or online has also not been high.

4. Clearly however, on occasion, there is disturbance and significant nuisance to residents. On such occasions this should be reported immediately (not a few days later please) to 101, or if a crime is being committee, to 999. Alternatively the online reporting system can be used at

5. Please be accurate when reporting incidents. Police have reported being at the scene at the time of previous reports and the situation on the ground has been different to that reported.

Ollie has also offered his phone number to LAT (local action team) members, as he lives nearby and is willing to be a witness if needed.  You can read more about Brunswick & Adelaide ‘Safe in the city’ project here, with details about Ollie and Phelim, our councillors, and our local police PCSOs.


Please note: phone 101 at the time of the noise and disturbance, phone 999 if a crime is being committed.