Christmas Gift Issue 17 – 20/12/13

Merry Christmas, everyone – from Trish and me and Jo at al
A lovely morning, after all that nasty stuff….and a chance to review the situation.
Special thanks to this month’s monitors for coping so well under extreme circumstances.

Our currently ‘active’ box 3 is now nearly full, so some changes are needed.
This is the situation, counting north to south:

Box 1, recently active, contains raw compost; I left it alone except for adding a few charming worms from Box 2 to serve as Christmas decoration, all wriggly and healthily pink.
Box 2 is about half full of semi-finished and quite decent compost; turned it and made it into our tool-box and repository for essentials like caddies, gloves, bags and sheets (we only have one caddy left)
Box 3, our active box till this morning, is pretty full, now topped up with cardboard and locked, waiting to do its job
Box 4, until recently our tool-box, is now more or less empty and serves as our ‘active’ box for the next 6 weeks or so; I transferred its composted contents into bags (see below) and left an orange plastic bag dangling inside to receive any unsuitable material like plastic bags, sticky tape, cans, rubber bands etc

The compost from Box 4 has had a long maturing time and although a bit wet, it is ready for use. The contents are now in 5 plastic bags hidden in the bushes adjacent to the kerb where cars are parked, exactly opposite the Palmeira-Adelaide boundary. Please help yourselves, anyone; I only part filled the bags to make it relatively easy to lift and took care to keep the outside as clean as possible to protect clothes and car interiors. It would be good if you could return the bags when no longer needed to allow reuse.
That’s it, I think, apart from Season’s Greetings.
In the New Year I will write about NPK and C and everything else we always wanted to know about plant nutrition but were too shy to ask.

In the meantime, all the best…