COVID-19 memorial bed

From donations by Chrissy and her friends

Jack our gardener putting finishing touches to the new bed

The original idea for the bed came from Chrissie whose property overlooked a part of Adelaide Gardens which she found lacking in colour and interest in the winter. She donated a substantial amount to FOPA and a variety of her friends added to the pot.

The original cost of the bed has been dealt with by the Council and the fund will provide for additional planting when we can see how things progress and the plants establish themselves. It might be that we can expand the size of the bed or add another.

Jack and Geoff (gardener and superior) from The Council were approached by FOPA and permission was granted by their superior (Sarah) to have a bed made. The original planting plan was made by Matt (Jack’s predecessor) and modified by the Council sourcing team.

All this started over a year ago and there have been various hold-ups but all has now been planted. Amongst the plants are Hebes, Verbenas, and Grasses, and a number of different smaller plants which will in time develop into taller plants.

The bed has a temporary fence around it to protect the plantings from dogs, but the hope this that a fence similar to the one surrounding the birdbath in Palmeira will replace it.