Next Garden Clean and Clear – 9th March

The Friends committee is delighted that Annie Mendelow and Andrea Martin completed the Leadership course for Garden Volunteers last week run by the City Council so that we now have more knowledge about the workings of the Council Gardeners and Rangers and what’s expected and appreciated from the Volunteers.

The next clean and tidy event will take place on SATURDAY 9 March from 10am until about noon ( tea and biscuits and chat at the end) .

If you would like to be added to our WhatsApp Group please let us know and you will then receive updates and you can add comments.

During the Spring and Summer we will probably have clean-ups every 2 weeks … details will be posted on the website and the WhatsApp Group.

Next Garden Clean & Clear

Saturday 9th March at 10am

The Friends are working to develop a group of volunteers that meet on a regular basis in the gardens to support Brighton and Hove City Council with gardening activities. In recent years, the council have had limited resources so are now relying more on active volunteer groups to maintain it’s green spaces. Many of our gardening tools and supplies are provided by local residents, CityClean, and the Palmeira and Adelaide Garden Fund.

Anyone can join the Garden WhatsApp group for up to date information, find out more on our Friends Garden Volunteers page.