Planting for Adelaide Will you donate?

Over time the residents’ good planting in Adelaide has grown too high on the south side. Although this may be a good windbreak, it has overshadowed all colour and blooms which, perhaps wisely at the time, were planted on the north side of the bed and so receive no sun and less light than they’d like. Many of you will have seen the gardeners busily at work on these beds and the aim is to re-construct their shape so that new planting can be more colourful and varied on the south side. This has obvious limitations due to the salt laden winds, but the gardeners are keen to follow what will work from experience in Brunswick Square and elsewhere, for example Spartium (Spanish Gorse) and Hydrangea. We would like donations for this cause so that Fopa can contribute towards their efforts. We are also looking to buy some evergreen self-propagating ferns to plant in Palmeira in front of the composting boxes. We are also delighted to report that the three replacement donated trees on the east side of Palmeira were planted on 6 February and appear to be good specimens.