Surprise! Issue 20 – 04/03/14

Hello, everyone!

We have reports of an unpleasant surprise: finding some furry little friends (and part-time enemies) inside the boxes – Rats! (or drats)!
There have been occasional sightings in the past, but now they appear to have dug a network of tunnels connecting the boxes.
Trish is in touch with the Council but in the meantime it may help to think of them (the rats) as just pigeons without wings – an inevitable nuisance in public spaces.

In a homage to Strand Cigarettes from the past, one might say that
You’re never alone without a rat – there is always one within 6 feet…. (cue The Lonely Man Theme from the Cliff Adams Singers)
While we await the Council’s reaction, two suggestions might help:
bang on the box and count to 5 before opening it
(Barbara suggests that if anyone answers, say Sorry! and hang up)

just leave what you brought tied up in a plastic bag on top of the boxes (so a monitor can dispose of it later).
We’ll keep everyone informed and resume normal service as quickly as possible.
In the meantime, kind regards from Trish and me