Sustaining Middle Street Issue 7 – 06/12/12

Today Verena, Susie and I delivered a first batch of first class compost to Middle Street School, dispatching the contents of Box 3.
Originally we also planned to pack the contents of box 2 but found it not quite ready so we just turned it into the empty Box 3 and left it to mature a bit longer.
In spring we should be happy to make a second delivery – in the meantime we hope the kids and staff at Middle Street have great fun and much success growing their own flowers and vegetables.
So this brings you up-to-date, counting from north to south:
Box No 1 is almost empty and stays the active box, with a good foundation of cardboard.
Box No 2 has most of the contents of Box No 1, turned and augmented with additional cardboard
Box No 3 has the contents of Box 2 with added cardboard to soak up excess moisture; it should be fully mature by spring. The tools and our supply of plastic rubble bags are now locked into Box 3.
Thanks for all your help.
The system needs lots of good plain pulp and cardboard (preferably uncoated) – boxes 1 and 2 did not have quite enough to soak up all the moisture.
With kind regards, from all of us to all of you.