Golden Fleece – Shaun by the Sea

Have you seen our Shaun by the Sea? Not long left to visit as the trail ends on the 5th November. ‘Golden Fleece’ is located near the floral clock at the top of Palmeira Sq.

Martlets has teamed up with Wild in Art and Aardman to stage the biggest ever mass-participation, public art event in the city – Shaun by the Sea.

‘Shaun by the Sea’ will see 42 individually designed Shaun the Sheep sculpture

Inspired by Brighton’s ancient elm trees, ‘Golden Fleece’ features ‘The Preston Twins’ which, at 400 years old, were the oldest surviving elm trees in the world until they were savaged by Elm disease and storm damage. The brown hairstreak butterfly lives in a tiny ecosystem that exists in the tops of elm trees and is featured in microscopic close-up in this design. Fine gold lines highlight the delicate veining structure in the butterfly’s wings and in the elm leaves.

Modern, elegant, and bursting with colour, Sarah Arnett’s artwork draws on her life experiences: growing up in Zimbabwe, travelling through India, and living in Brighton.