1965 artist's impression of proposed planning changes

What do you think about…?

There’s two consultations live at the moment
– The Council’s Transport survey which runs to 14th March
– the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Dog Theft survey

Both of these surveys may have implications for Palmeira and Adelaide residents that are difficult to include in the broader surveys.

For example, on transport:

  • We’re being encouraged to cycle. Our Regency buildings weren’t built to store bikes indoors, and the cycle parking in Palmeira Square is a very exposed place to leave a valuable and theiveable item. Would we be more likely to buy and use bikes instead of cars if there were somewhere dry & secure to store them?
  • The Kingsway cycle lanes have reduced the number of parking spaces on Kingsway, and when tourists return and wish to park, this reduction will be felt acutely. Should parking in the Square & Crescent be preserved for permit holders?

… on Dog Theft

  • we’re lucky to have fabulous dog-friendly spaces in the Square & Crescent. Sooner or later, that’ll make them a target for dog thefts. How do we best deter dog thieves? Do we need better lighting in darker corners? Vehicle Entry & Exit CCTV at the North and South of Palmeira and Adelaide? How else might we reduce the risk on our patch?

Do please feel free to raise those local concerns and opportunities with FOPA: email us info@fopa.co.uk or on Facebook

FOPA can consolidate residents’ views and feed them back directly to the survey owners, on behalf of residents. The homes in Adelaide & Palmeira make up the single largest residents’ group in Hove: we’d like to share your views with the Councillors and Police Commissioner.