South & South East in Bloom – Moved up a grade to ‘Advancing’

South & South East in Bloom – Its Your Neighbourhood 2018 The Friends of Palmeira and Adelaide

This year Palmeira & Adelaide moved up a grade to ‘Advancing’. We are very please with this result and look to continue the success for 2019.

A copy of the full report is available to read here.

Areas of achievement highlighted;

“This is our garden. I love it” was the reaction of one volunteer in the gardens at Palmeira and Adelaide. Primarily council-maintained the gardens are split into a formal area with rose garden and an informal, wilder area with wildflowers being allowed to naturalise in longer grass areas. The central recycling appears to be working well for residents. Where the council has allowed the grass on the banks to grow longer, wildflowers are now beginning to appear.


The South & South East in Bloom  campaign is the largest horticultural campaign in the region involving 100’s of communities each year. Participating communities create lasting improvements to their local environment for the benefit of those that live, work and visit. Some of the key benefits to us as a community are;

  • Cleaner and greener surroundings
  • Creating a sense of community through improvement of public spaces and positive interaction between community members
  • An increase in civic pride and sense of community empowerment by engaging people in the improvement of their own community
  • Safer environments for the enjoyment of local people
  • Long term improvement for the environment by addressing issues such as sustainability, resource management, conservation, litter, graffiti etc.
  • Reduction in anti-social behavior


We continue to enter and are always looking for volunteers to help in garden projects. If you are interested contact, any help or time is gratefully received and improves our community.