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How To Report – Road Safety Concerns / Speeding Antisocial Driving/Riding Excess Noise.

Road safety concerns constitute 15% of all correspondence the Police commissioner receives from local residents so they know that this remains a top priority. Speeding, excess noise and antisocial driving/riding have been the most common cause of complaints in recent months.

This week Katy Bourne OBE, Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner chaired a live-streamed virtual panel with Chief Constable Jo Shiner, Assistant Chief Constable Dave Miller and Chief Inspector Michael Hodder of the Roads Policing Unit. It was an opportunity for concerns regarding road safety to be addressed and for residents to hear how Sussex Police plan to use the extra investment from last year’s local council tax to bolster the specialist roads policing units and improve the quality of life for those living in affected areas.

Chief Inspector Hodder delivered a detailed presentation saying: “I am passionate about roads policing, but also about making sure our communities can enjoy where they live in this beautiful county. We will listen to residents, assess the situation and respond accordingly.”

He explained how modern technology, including speed guns, drones and noise detection equipment – which is currently being trialled in Sussex – can help to tackle antisocial behaviour on our roads. He said: “Technology is really exciting for me, and it provides the reassurance that, if a case goes to court, we have the evidence to support a prosecution.”

Chief Constable Shiner, working with my office, has now set up a new route for all residents to report road safety issues in their area. You can now email:

All concerns will be monitored and used to inform the future policing response. If you’d like to watch this meeting, you can do so here.