Removal of disabled parking bays in Palmeira & Adelaide

A notice has just been put up on the three disabled parking bays outside 30-34 Palmeira Square, stating that they are to be removed. Without these bays, and with the current pressure on Zone M parking, these disabled residents may face a long walk from their cars to the house, particularly after 8pm. This is precisely what the disabled bays are there to prevent. This is extremely concerning for these blue badge holders, many of whom here have difficulty walking quite short distances.

Once aware FOPA raised this formally with Phelim and Hannah @ B&H Council.

The council has responded with the following;

The proposal to revoke these bays came as a result of a request from a resident in the vicinity who reported their underuse. As the city council does not hold any applicant details for these bays they were added to the bi annual disabled bay traffic regulation order with a proposal to revoke the bays. The 21 day notice period gives residents the opportunity to comment on our proposals.

Please NB If there are any Blue Badge holders who still require use of a bay they can contact the Council and submit a disabled bay application form. If eligible the disabled bay can be pulled from the order and remain for their use. We would also then be able to add their contact details to our disabled bay database should we need to contact them again regarding that particular bay.

The disabled bay application can be found on the city council’s website relevant parking officials can also send an application by post at request.

Additionally if you would like to write/email Ward Councillor & Leader of the Council to express your concern;
Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty
Leader of the Council
Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide, Brighton and Hove City Council
Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove BN3 3BQ