LAT update – farewell to our PCSO Julie

David Ward and David Sewell kindly attend our regular LAT meetings with other local resident groups, on behalf of FOPA.  Key points for June’s meeting are below:

  1. Due to a reallocation of resources the Adelaide & Palmeira area will lose its PCSO on 30th June 2016. Julie (our local PCSO) has been our primary means of communicating with Sussex police on matters affecting FOPA, and we wish her well and would like to thank her for all her work with highlighting residents’ issues.
  2. In future the LAT will communicate with Sussex Police via our local councillors rather than with a dedicated local PCSO. The quarterly LAT meeting will however, continue to be the forum where we raise issues that affect FOPA.
  3. There is funding from the PCC for a community safety intiative. All we need now is an initiative.
  4. Issues include:-
  • Vandalism, noise, anti-social behaviour
  • Road safety, traffic, cycling, parking
  • Gardens, litter, dog problems,
  • Crime alerts – burglaries, car crimes

FOPA and LAT are simply ‘US’. It is our community. Together we can maintain and improve this area which is, after all, our home.

Any points you wish to raise please contact FOPA or you are more than welcome to attend any of the quarterly meetings (Cornerstone at 19.15pm).

Provisional LAT dates are:

Tuesday 12th July 2016

Tuesday 11th Oct 2016

Tuesday 17th Jan 2017

Tuesday 4th April 2017


Thank you!

David & David