Communal rubbish bins in Adelaide Crescent and Palmeira Square

On 15th March the City Infrastructure team will be asking Brighton and Hove Council’s Environmental, Transport and Sustainability Committee to authorise a consultation about installing communal rubbish bins in Adelaide Crescent and Palmeira Square. Brunswick and Sussex Squares will be consulted at the same time.

If the Committee agrees, all residents will be sent a questionnaire and plans in April/May and the results will be fed back to the Committee in June.

Their plan is to phase out rubbish collections from basements. Residents would instead take their rubbish to new communal bins sited around the Square and Crescent. The suggested sitings for these bins will be included in the consultation documents. It is our understanding that questionnaires can be completed and returned by post or submitted on line.

The Committee meeting on 15th March is at 4pm at the Ronuk Hall, Portslade Town Hall and is open to the public, but you will need to notify them in advance that you are attending.

You can also ask questions, and these need to be submitted before 8th March. It would be helpful in any case to have an indication of your views on this proposal by emailing Please also email us if you need any further information.

We will let you know whether or not the consultation is agreed.

Kind regards,
The Friends of Palmeira and Adelaide