Hove Police have contacted FOPA to inform members & where possible all residents.

Apparently there is a new problem with rough sleepers getting into the buildings in order to find somewhere to sleep.  To do this they are often using the ‘Trade button’ on the intercom as they have discovered that in many cases it is on a 24 hour availability.

So far the Police have had to remove four people from buildings, and in one case the person had been there several days before being discovered.  They will often use a cupboard or lift shaft or in fact anywhere they can find to sleep.

Police Advise:

  • To arrange for your ‘Trade button’ on the intercom to be shut down if possible, or on restricted time.
  • Make sure that the main doors are securely closed.
  • If you see a person sleeping rough please note the following:
    • Location
    • Road name
    • Building
    • If visible note sleeping bag or hair colour.

    Then call:
    Streetlink 0300 500 0914 / http://www.streetlink.org.uk
    Police on 101