Compost News Issue 22

Exciting news! – It is summer, and we are relaunching our Composting Scheme.

Put it into your diary NOW: Saturday, June 28, 5.30 PM.

But that’s not all: we hope to combine our re-launch with FOPA’s Pimms & Picnic event; that should run that day, from 5 to 7.

Everyone is invited – bring your own picnic and enjoy a free Pimms (though there will be a donation box for supporting FOPA’s work). Should it be foul that day, forget the picnic but bring your brollies.

Now to the details:

We hope by Saturday the boxes will have passed their MoCs and will have been:

  • rodent-proofed with chicken wire
  • water-proofed with ingenuity and sticky tape
  • refurbished with new hinges and corners, and

ready for you, for another year (and there are bags of compost waiting to be picked up by photographer Toni Tye Preisler for Brunswick Square)

The Ministry of Compost will be represented by Jo Glazebrook, Alan Steeden and resident expert John Horsfield to answer your questions…

…and we ask you to re-register your interest to keep our data base up to date, indicating the category to which you wish to belong:

A  active composter, willing and able to act as monitor
B  active composter, willing and able to help as manager*
C  not a composter but keen to be kept on the mailing list
D prefer  to be taken off our mailing list

*We are looking for a few able bodied enthusiast who could step in to help manage the scheme when the others are away or ill.

We have reports of an unpleasant surprise: finding furry little friends (and part-time enemies) when opening the boxes – Rats! There have been occasional sightings in the past, but now the rats appear to have dug a network of tunnels connecting the boxes. Trish is in touch with the Council but in the meantime it may help to think of them (the rats) as just pigeons without wings – an inevitable nuisance in public spaces.

In homage to Strand Cigarettes from the past, one might say that You’re never alone without a rat – there is always one within 6 feet… (cue The Lonely Man Theme from the Cliff Adams Singers)

While we await Council reaction, two suggestions might help:

  • bang on the box and count to 5 before opening it
    (Barbara suggests that if anyone answers, just say ‘Sorry’ and hang up)
  • just leave what you brought tied up in a plastic bag on top of the boxes (so a monitor can dispose of it later).

With kind regards
from Trish and me