Composting News Issue 23

Having sobered up after the delightful FOPA Pimms & Picnic event last Saturday, the Ministry of Compost now informs you that we are once more open for business.

The boxes, having dismally failed their MoC, are being repaired by Gary to make them rodent and water resistant and fit for purpose under adverse conditions. Regard it as ‘work in progress’ for now –  we are all novices at this and learn on the job.

As you see from the enclosed photos, one box is now lined with mesh.
The edges are sharp, so do be careful when leaning over or into the box or handling the mesh.

Not sure how well the arrangement works when turning and unloading – we’ll see. The hinges are still not fixed – the choice of hardware and its positioning was wrong.

But…..we are back in business (and the work should be completed this week).

Now – do please re-register – those who have not yet done so:

Tell us please the category in which you wish to be recorded:
A active composter, willing and able to act as monitor
B active composter, willing and able also to help as manager*
C neither A or B but happy to be kept on the mailing list
D prefer to be taken off our mailing list

*Managers: we are looking for a few able bodied enthusiast who could step in to help manage the scheme when others are away or ill.

With kind regards from Trish and me.