Compost News Issue 25

Hello, everyone! It’s Christmas, and we are back in business, as you may have seen on our website at

If you did look, you will know that things are different:

  • our lovely but troublesome old boxes are gone;
  • the steps have been given a cover of stone chippings;
  • there is a paved promenade to save your shoes; and
  • four new space-age bins called Green Johannas, ready to take off, straight into orbit.

These bins are different and we have to learn new tricks.
They are tall and too deep to be managed from above so monitors have a very limited role – just to keep things tidy. We do not know how long it will take to produce good compost, and when we have good stuff, how to extract it from the boxes.

Till we know these things, we’ll just have to muddle on:

please fill the bins, from north to south;

  • add cardboard torn to postcard size and freed of sticky tape;
  • don’t put in plastic or woody stuff that takes long to mature;
  • open up anything wrapped in paper to let in air;
  • and keep the area tidy to keep rats, foxes and conscientious objectors at bay.

The manufacturers provided us a stick for ‘stirring’, it does not work, so we keep it in an empty bin for now.

If the bins fill up before we can empty any, we’ll have to call a halt until there is space once again. 

I think that’s all for now.

Have a lovely holiday and come along this Saturday to the carol song-fest
by the tree in Palmeira: