Compost News Issue 26

This brings you up to date in case you haven’t been since Christmas.

Bins 1 and 2 are getting full, so soon we’ll start filling No 3.

Bin 1 now sustains a happy population of fruit flies, in spite of the cold spell – so something good is happening inside.

I found one unopened plastic bag of kitchen waste in Bin 2 – a pity…

…and it would be nice to see a bit more corrugated card added…
…and the site was wonderfully tidy, thank you all…
…and the post bearing the legend is just leaning against a bush (perhaps it will put down roots, the area now being so fertile).

Now for something technical:
Do you, by any chance, possess a sturdy roast thermometer? Yes? – read on, otherwise, see you when it gets warm and the daffodils are tall.

I should love to know what’s going on in the bins, say Bin No 1
So, if you are game, bring your roast thermometer and take a few readings for us:

  1. note the ambient temperature outside
  2. note the ambient temperature inside (at the top of the pile), then
  3. to…n) push the thermometer down in roughly two inch increments and take a reading… and then, if you are still game n+1) Open the discharge hatch by lifting it and stick the thermometer into the compost as far as it will reach and note the reading…

and then send the readings to me. We’ll see what we can learn from it.

Till then…