Compost News Issue 27 – Special Supplement

You will have read our unmissable Issue 27 – this is a brief supplement to bring you up to date:

  1. We secured a ‘skewer’ (an old mop handle) and using it found it quite easy to open vertical passages in the compost (provided there are no tough sheets of cardboard preventing it). Tubs 1, 2 and 3 are now well skewered. The skewer is now in Tub 4 (it just fits inside, diagonally) – please use it if you feel aggressive or frustrated and have a go at compost stabbing (before it becomes an Olympic sport and the magic is lost).
  2. Please follow the instructions reproduced in Issue 27 – make sure kitchen waste is deposited in thin layers between thicker layers of ‘carbonaceous’ matter (cardboard etc) free of plastic and torn into small pieces – we are going to secure a supply of saw-dust to make layering easier.
  3. The wet compost extracted from the bottom of tub 1 is now in a plastic bag, on top of the tub, taped up. It should signal that the tub is full – if you fancy some immature compost, please help yourself, otherwise we may just pour it back to mature a bit longer.
  4. And finally, we decided to give nature (and aeration) a little more time and come back in 6 weeks or so to see what’s been happening. If it is ready for harvesting, we’ll let you know and ask for volunteers to give us a hand.

That’s all – have a lovely warm afternoon.