Update on donated trees

Further to our website posting on this subject on 1st August, we have now met with the Arboriculture Team to discuss concerns about the donated trees in the gardens. The three trees recently cut down on the west side of Palmeira Square will be replaced with holm oaks of a more suitable shape and resilience, to be planted some time during the next five months. Other young donated trees in both gardens still showing signs of life will be left and reviewed again next Spring, at which time the eight donated flowering cherries in the Palmeira rose garden will also be reviewed.

FOPA have consistently voiced concerns over the suitability and maintenance of trees provided for donations to the gardens by residents. The Council supply, plant and maintain them for a one-off charge of currently £240.00 plus VAT, including replacement if, for any reason, the tree fails to establish within the first year. Some trees however have been too spindly, too young or do not represent value for money. For a tree to survive in this exposed location it is essential to provide the right sapling. This is a difficult location for new trees and there is a gap between the expectations of donors and the limitations of the Council’s service. We shall be asking for greater clarity for donors as to what may and may not be reasonably expected in terms of survival and replacement.

If this affects you or you have any expertise please get in touch at info@fopa.co.uk