In 2011 FOPA has been engaged in the following activities:

  • Ongoing reporting of abandoned cycles & their removal by Brighton & Hove City Council. This has seen a significant reduction of these damaged and/or rusting eyesores on house railings and cycle rails
  • The missing street lamp column at the top of Palmeira Square west now has a uniform ‘Windsor’ box lantern.
  • Spraying of pavement weeds around Palmeira Square & Adelaide Gardens perimeter by CityClean’s contractor in early July
  • Nine broken curb stones on the east side of Palmeira Square gardens were uplifted and re laid
  • The streetlamp at top of Palmeira Sqaure east has top ‘crown’ missing – this was reported to BHCC but not yet replaced – to be followed up


If residents in the FOPA area notice any streetlamps not working they should make a note of the streetlamp number & location and can: Report it on the Brighton & Hove City Council website.

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Next year we will be asking Brighton & Hove City Council to consider repainting the now much faded black bollards at the entry to some of the garden paths (budgets of course permitting)