Police Local Action Team (LAT) – What is this

This is a nationwide Police initiative which aims to keep the Police in closer touch with residents. We are fortunate that in our immediate area we have two Police Community Support Officers who have particular responsibility for our area. They can frequently be seen patrolling their beat; they are very
approachable and glad to enter in conversation with the public which often results in useful information or guidance.
Every few weeks our two Officers arrange a meeting with the public at the Cornerstone Community Centre at which they report recent happenings in our area and tell us about plans they have to tackle local difficulties. At each meeting the Police aim to identify situations that are worrying local residents and how to address them during the following weeks.
At the recent meeting of LAT it was decided that the priorities for the coming period would centre on Christmas and the New Year. Operation “Gift Wrap” will cover six weeks leading up to New Year with extra patrols.
FOPA Committee aim to always have at least one representative attending the LAT meetings. We are ready to put forward any issues worrying our Members. These meeting are, of course, open to the public and we would like to encourage any local residents to attend. The next meeting will be on THURSDAY,12th JANUARY, 2012, at 7.15 PM.